What Were They Up To Then?

Dipping into the “Rosewood Register and Marburg Mail” – the local newspaper which operated from 1913 till 1938, we hope to bring you regular snapshots of life and happenings in and around Rosewood.

Here is our first one.

Transcribed from October 14th 1921 edition

Events to Come

For fuller information see advertisement or dodgers.

Friday October 14 – Plain and Fancy Dress Ball, Farmers Hall (Church of England)

Saturday October 15 – Rosewood Pony Race Club meeting

Saturday October 15 – Fair, Rosewood Congregational Church in the Farmers’ Hall

Monday October 17 – Mrs Makin’s Concert. A&H Association, Farmers Hall

Monday October 17 – Stock Sale Glenalvon, Fenewick&Co and J.P. Walsh, Auctioneers.

Monday October 17th – Grand Concert, Show Grounds, Marburg, Yeronga Home Girls

Saturday October 22nd – Furniture sale, Pender’s Buildings. J. Pender, Auctioneer

Saturday October 22nd – Social and Dance, Farmers’ Hall (Rosewood State School)

Monday, October 24th – Sale Stock, J.W. Evans. R. Elliott, Auctioneer

Thursday, October 27th – Annual Meeting, Rosewood A and H Association

Friday October 28 – Concert Famers Hall, Ipswich Concert Orchestra

Saturday October 29 – Sydney Eight Hour Art Union

Saturday November 12 – Church of Christ, Rosewood, Bible School demonstration.

Friday December 16} Church of England

Saturday           17} Christmas Tree Farmers Hall

The Farmers’ Hall (currently Vinnies store) seems to have been the social hub of the town, hosting balls, concerts and Fairs run by various Churches, the Agricultural and Horticultural Association and Rosewood State School.  

As well as providing obvious social and entertainment benefits , these events would have been important ways of raising funds for the various groups.  

Concerts included local artists (on this occasion Mrs Makin who was the organist at the Congregational Church) and visiting entertainers such as the Ipswich Concert Orchestra and the Yeronga Home Girls (from an orphanage in Yeronga, Brisbane conducted by the Salvation Army).  

Regular Pony Races must have also been of interest.  

And the drawing of the Sydney Eight Hour Art Union was another highlight. This was run by the Sydney 8-Hour Day Committee (promoting the 8 hour working day) and had large cash prizes, on this occasion £750, £300 and £200 as well as 397 other valuable prizes .

On a more practical note, we see the importance in the business life of the town,  of Stock Sales run by various auctioneers 

The Church of England Christmas Tree must have been a highly-anticipated annual event, being advertised well in advance of Christmas.      

Compiled by Mary Ross


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