Rosewood, Friday, October 28, 1921

Once again dipping into a snapshot of life over 100 years ago for people of the Rosewood town and district – covering sports and physical exercise, youth activities and education, cultural pursuits and entertainment, business entrepreneurship.

Rosewood Swimming Club

The Rosewood Amateur Swimming Club will open its season at Keane’s Lagoon on Sunday, 30th inst, at 3pm, when the first of a series of swims will be held for a club trophy.  A good roll up of members and intending members is anticipated.

Successful Music Students

In the recent examinations of the London College of Music, Miss Rita Cover was successful in gaining the Associate degree with 76 percent.  Two other students were successful in the primary divisions via Nellie White and Faith Ashworth of Lanefield …….

Boy Scouts for Rosewood

Those interested are reminded that the meeting, convened by request by Rev T. Edwards will be held in the Farmers’ Hall, Rosewood, on tomorrow afternoon, 29th October inst, to consider the formation of a troop of Boy Scouts in the district. The Acting Commissioner of the Boy Scouts Association and the General Secretary (Staff Scoutmaster J.W. Owen) will be present, and will give all the necessary information as to the establishment of a troop, and the formation of a local committee.

Preliminary Announcement
 Dion Boucicault’s Famous Drama
“The Octoroon”
Will be presented by the Members of St Brigid’s Amateur Dramatic Society
Wednesday, December 7th,
Hon. Secretary.

Cattle for China

A good deal of interest was shown on Saturday last, in the loading of some cattle, mostly dairy cows, at the Rosewood Railway Station, which was being despatched by Mr J.B. Keane to Pinkenba, thence to be shipped on Monday by the Seikai Maru through a city agent to Northern China and Siberia.  It is understood that those are the first to be sent from Queensland to the places mentioned, though several lots have gone from Southern ports.

Half Price Sale at Marburg

Attention is drawn to the advertisement on Page 1, of the Sydney Cash Drapers, who will open in Dance’s Buildings, Marburg, on Monday next.

Compiled by Mary Ross


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