Aerial View of RAAF Amberley on 2 September, 1947.
(Photo: Eric Douglas Collection)

People from the Rosewood community have served for many years in various arenas from the Boer War as part of the Imperial Army, through World Wars 1 & 2 and other conflicts up to the present day. When on the battlefield, no matter where, Rosewood would have been uppermost in their thoughts.

Conflicts involving Australia
Boer War 1899-1902
WW1 1914-18            List of ANZACS
WW2 1939-45
Korean War 1950-53
Malayan Emergency 1948-60
Indonesian Confrontation 1963-66
Vietnam War 1962-75
Gulf War 1990-91
Australian led International intervention East Timorese Crisis 1999-2000
Sierra Leone Civil War 2000-2003
Afghanistan Conflict Sep 2001-2003
Iraqi Civil War 2006-2008
War on ISIL 2014 -present
Peacekeeping since 1947

Like many other country towns Rosewood has a War Memorial to commemorate those who have died as a result of war services. There are also honour boards within the town and surrounding areas which acknowledge the community’s commitment to the military forces.

The Rosewood History Group extends its gratitude and appreciation to Edwin Habben, author of the two books listed below which document the memorials and honour boards of the district as well as biographies of those who served. He has generously given us permission to use parts of his research on this website. We are confident that posts containing his work will be of great interest to our community.   Thank you Eddie!

Rosewood & District Roll of Honour – World Wars 1 & 2
Researched & Compiled by Edwin Habben O.A.M.   R.F.D.
Published 2018

Rosewood & District
The Men From Rosewood & District Who Served Their King And Country During World War One – The Great War For Civilisation
Researched & Compiled by Edwin Habben O.A.M.   R.F.D.
Edited By: Vanessa Williams.
Published 2018

When writing these books Edwin sought out all of the men listed on the Rosewood World War 1 Honour Board as well as all of the other Honour Boards in churches, halls, historical societies and any other boards held at various locations within the district. He wanted to ensure that any names that may have been omitted from the Rosewood Honour Board would be included. He has a third volume in progress.

Edwin published these books in the centenary year of the Armistice and has accomplished what he set out to do in his endeavours. He has achieved the compilation of a comprehensive record of those who served and added life to their names with his biographical recounts.

Copies of Eddie’s books are held in the Local History Room at the Rosewood Library along with his other publications:-
Ipswich and District Roll of Honour W.W.2. – Volume 1
Ipswich and District Roll of Honour W.W.2. – Volume 2
Ipswich and District Military Memorials 

Posts by Eddie: Private William Joseph Wyatte


RAAF Base Amberley is approximately 13.5 kms from Rosewood. It is the Air Force’s largest base employing over 5,000 people. Retired Warrant Officer and avid RAAF Amberley historian, George Hatchman, wrote this article. Avenue of Honour – The Military History of Southern Amberley Road

Note about the featured photo
– The route to Toowoomba was through One Mile and the Amberley Airbase, across the runway and onwards. The old Toowoomba road is the road running left to right towards the bottom of the photo.