Advertising 100 years ago

Advertising was obviously an important source of funding for the newspaper but it also gives an insight into local life at the time.  Here are just a few samples from this time 101 years ago!

Motor Cars



Give Your Family a …


Absolutely the best family Car on the market.  Comfortable seating
accommodation for seven adults.  Get your order in early to avoid disappointment   .

J.P. Walsh Agent for Rosewood and District.

We do not advertise our sales.  Our sales advertise us.


At this stage petrol-driven cars had been in Queensland for only 20 years and car registration had been introduced about 10 years beforehand.  Number plates were handwritten by the owner and affixed to the back of the cars.  In July 1921 the Initial Q was added to all number plates whereas previously letters were assigned to various districts. See State Library of Qld website for further information. You can also search the List of Motor Owners in Queensland 1923 to see who in Rosewood owned a vehicle.

Two years prior, in May 1919, A. H. Stubbs had advertised:

Motor Car as car for hire at any time
day or night.

co St Kilda Hospital Rosewood


Aerated Water



W.E. Thomas

Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturer






Below is a photo and information from  Picture Ipswich

Thomas’ Soft Drinks, Railway Street, Rosewood, 1923. Aerated waters manufacturer, opposite the railway goods shed. T. Thomas (Proprietor), Albert Berlin (man on right near post). Soft drinks were manufactured at rear of building and sold at the shop in front. Note the hitching rail for tying up horses. Building sign reads ‘W.E. Thomas, Aerated Water Manufacturer’


Mrs McLaren’s Store

Mrs McLaren,

John Street, Rosewood,
BEGS to inform her numerous customers and Friends that she has added to her Business, supplies of _____

Call and inspect her stock or see the window display.Below


Light Refreshments at all Hours.
Agent for all Leading Projects
Agent for all Leading Papers and Magazines.
Latest Music of all kinds Stocked or Ordered.
A Large Assortment of Fancy Goods always on hand, also all brands of Tobacco, Pipes and Cigars.
Rooms available for Meetings as per Day at Moderator Rental. .

Below is a photo of Mrs McLaren’s business (and possibly Mrs McLaren) taken around 1925 (courtesy of Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia).  We are unsure at present whether the business continued to be so ‘mixed’ but certainly in 1921 it was operating as much more than a newsagency and able to satisfy many of the needs of its local customers.


Compiled by Mary Ross


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