Rosewood, Friday, November 4th, 1921

Interestingly the local newspaper of 101 years ago was largely made up of advertisements for local businesses, professionals and services, minutes of Council meetings and of various community groups.  There were often very few ‘news stories’ as such.  In the absence of the social media options we enjoy today, the local paper served as a community calendar, a directory of services, listing of social events and a record of changes of management/ownership of businesses so that people could navigate their local community.

  • Council Minutes

From F.W. Klauke, Rosewood, asking for the removal of three dangerous stumps on the footpath opposite his residence – On Cr. Walsh’s motion, overseer to have them removed.

 From W. J. Cannan, returning thanks on behalf of his relatives for the council’s sympathy – Received.

From Secretary, A.&H. Association, requesting Council to convene a public meeting for the purpose of discussing the question of forming a fire brigade in the district-  Received. Cr. Walsh expressed the opinion that the scheme was impracticable at the present time, with which the Chairman concurred.

  • Notification of Changes

 St Florence Hospital

Nurse Hines (Certificated) wishes to notify the public that she has moved to the premises lately known as St Kilda Hospital (opposite Dr Wallace), which will be known in the future as St Florence Hospital. Terms on application. Morning cases attended to.



Caledonian Café
MR JOHN KELLY begs to notify the Residents of Rosewood and District that he has taken over the above Business and solicits a continuance of public patronage.
Cleanliness and Civility assured.
Refreshments at All Hours.
Fresh Fruits in Season.   Confectionery
Small Goods, Smokers’ Requisites, etc.
Phone 22

  • Local Library  ….  what were people reading back then? 

Rosewood School of Arts
Over 1150 Volumes in Library
Subscription for Library 2/6 per quarter.
Librarian in attendance TUESDAY and FRIDAY, 7- 9pm.
Latest additions to Library:-
“Miss Haroun Al Rasched” Jessie Douglas Kerrush
“The Custard Cup”  Florence B. Kivingston
“The Masked Woman”  Johnston McCulley
“Romances in Red”  Agnes Egerton Castle
“The Three Eyes”  Maurice Le Blanc
Tarzan the Terrible”  Edgar Rice Burroughs
“Alias Richard Power”  C.N .and A..M. Williamson
“A Fool’s Errand”  Mrs Victor Rickard
“The Swindler and Other Stories”  E.M. Dell
“Scaramouche”  Rafael Sabatini
“God and Woman”  Johan Bayer
J. R. MARK    Secretary


  • Reading through this issue I was struck by this ad and how topical it still is today.  Of course medicinal options have improved greatly since then!

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Compiled by Mary Ross


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