The Rosewood Show
The first Rosewood Show was held in July, 1877 in the old school house. Dan Desbois, the first school master was the Secretary of the show committee. No animals were shown. It was described as being like a “Paddy’s Market” with farmer’s displaying their produce.

Soon after John William Vance convened a meeting in his home and the Rosewood Farmers’ Club was formed. The members of the committee were Messrs. Mitchell, Smallbone, Urry, Vance  and F. W. Johns (Secretary).

The second Show was also held in the schoolroom under the auspices of the Farmers’ Club.

The next year the Show was held at the town’s first show grounds on land which is now part of St Brigid’s.

In 1908 the town secured a new piece of land for the show grounds, and through a series of working bees, some necessary buildings were erected. The first show was held there in 1909.

The Jubilee Show was held in July, 1927. During the first 50 years only two shows had been cancelled, one on account of influenza and the other because of bad weather.

In 1952 a “Gate” record was set with the largest crowds on record flocking to the 69th Show. The gate takings of £403 exceeded the previous year by £15.

St Luke’s Church of England Annual Flower Show and Fete