Nurse Annie Hines and St Florence Hospital

  • Annie Elizabeth Kucks
  • Birth: 24 May 1882, Dugandan, Qld
  • Father: Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Kucks
  • Mother: Catherine (Kate) Schmidt
  • Married: 17 Feb 1903
  • Spouse: John Joseph Hines 1871 – 1937
  • Death: 9 Oct 1957
  • Children: Leonard Roy 1907, Frances May 1910, Valentine Edward 1915

Annie Hines was born Annie Kucks in Dugandan and married John Joseph Kucks. In 1913, 1914, 1915 and 1917 Annie Elizabeth Hines was listed in the Electoral Roll living in Beaudesert, home duties living with John Joseph Hines, teamster.

Nurse Annie Hines was the daughter of Nurse Kucks who built St Florence Hospital in Rosewood in 1911 which she ran until her death in December 1917. Birth records in Rosewood in 1914 refer to a birth at St Florence Private Hospital Rosewood. Nurse Kucks’ hospital was located at 45 John Street, Rosewood, Qld and was sold to Nurse Stubbs in 1919 who then renamed it St Kilda in May of that year.

In 1919 Annie Elizabeth Hines was listed in the Electoral Role living at St Florence’s Nursing Home, John St, Rosewood as a nurse. So, it is possible she took over after her mother’s death and continued running the hospital until it sold in 1919 or she had already been living at the hospital at the time of her mother’s death.

St Florence Nursing Home moves to Albert Street

In March 1919, the Queensland Times reports Nurse Hines moving to Albert Street where she operates St Florence Nursing Home from the house lately occupied by Mr. Dolling, where patients will receive every attention as usual.

By May 1919, St Kilda was operating in John Street in what had been St Florence Hospital, with Nurse Stubbs in charge.

From The Rosewood Register and Marburg Mail 

Notices referring to St Florence ‘s Hospital and Nurse Hines from 1919 to January 1921 would refer to the hospital in Albert Street.

BEREAVEMENT NOTICES. Mrs. A. PERRIN and FAMILY desire to THANK all kind friends who sent wreaths, cards, and letters of condolence, or who expressed their sympathy, or assisted them in any way in their recent sad bereavement, especially Dr. Wallace, Nurse Hines, Mrs. John Yates, Mr. and Mrs. C. Urry, Messrs. G. and A. Freeman, Mr. W. H. Foote, and Cribb and Foote and employees. APA citation Family Notices (1919, June 21). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 6 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 20, 2019, from

Obituary.-The death took place, on Sunday, of Mr. Edward Smith, jun., of Lanefield. The deceased received a sun stroke on Tuesday last, and was taken to St. Florence’s Hospital on Thursday, where he lingered until Sunday morning. He was attended by Drs. Wallace (Rosewood), and Cameron (Ipswich). The deceased leaves a wife and family of three to mourn his loss. The funeral took place to the Tallegalla Cemetery, yesterday, and was largely attended, members of the P.A.F.S.O.A. (of which deceased was a member) marching in front of the hearse. The Rev. T. U. Ashworth (Lanefield Baptist Church) officiated at the graveside, and the service of the P.A.F.S.O.A. was read by Mr. J. Bowles. APA citation Rosewood Letter. (1920, March 4). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 3 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 14, 2019, from

Mr. E. SMITH and Mr. J. BAILEY and their FAMILIES wish to ex-press their sincere THANKS to Dr. Wallace and Nurse Hines for their unremitting attention to their son and son-in-law, Mr. E. Smith, Jun., during his illness; also to the kind people who assisted in various ways in sending wreaths, &c. APA citation Family Notices (1920, March 13). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 6 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 20, 2019, from

THANKS.  Mr. and Mrs. F. PRIMUS and FAMILY, of Rosevale, beg to sincerely THANK Dr. Wallace and Dr. Brown, Nurses Hines and Morris, for their kind treatment to their son, Harold, especially Nurse Hines, of St. Florence Hospital, for her untiring attention to him day and night ; to Mr. A. Hinrichsen, for taking him in his motor car, and all kind friends who in many ways showed their sympathy ; also Mr. P. Kinnane for taking him home in his car.  APA citation Family Notices (1920, April 3). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 6 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 20, 2019, from

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. RODGERS, of Lanefield, desire to tender their sincere THANKS to the many kind friends who in any way assisted them during the illness and death of their baby daughter, and especially Dr. Wallace and Nurse Hines, also for all expressions of condolence in their bereavement.  APA citation Family Notices (1921, January 1). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 6 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 20, 2019, from

St Florence Hospital moves back to John Street

Based on the following notice she then appears to have taken over the St Kilda Hospital premises at 45 John Street when Nurse Stubbs temporarily moved back to the family farm, renaming it St Florence Hospital. This notice was placed in The Rosewood Register and Marburg Mail each week from January 1921 until the end of the year: Nurse Hines (certificated) wishes to notify the public that she has moved to the premises lately known as St Kilda Hospital (opposite Dr Wallace), which will be known in the future as St Florence Hospital. Terms on application. Morning cases attended to.

More notices continue to refer to Nurse Hines.

BEREAVEMENT NOTICE.  Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman, Rosewood, wish to extend their very sincere THANKS to all those kind friends who assisted or sympathised with them in any way in the illness and death of their little daughter (Agnes May) ; especially Dr. Wallace, Nurses and Hines, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arndt and family and Mrs. H. Dutney. APA citation Family Notices (1922, April 8). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 6 (DAILy.). Retrieved April 20, 2019, from

The SONS and DAUGHTERS and GRANDCHILDREN of the late WILLIAM PERREN (senr.), Rosewood wish to tender their Heartfelt THANKS to Dr. Wallace and Nurse Hines, of Rosewood for their kind attention to our dear father and grandfather during his illness; also for all who expressed their Sympathy on the occasion of his death; also those who placed and offered their conveyances at the disposal of the mourners.   APA citation Family Notices (1922, June 24). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 6 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 19, 2019, from

BEREAVEMENT NOTICES. Mr. and Mrs. HENRY COLLETT, of Rosewood, wish to THANK very sincerely all those who came to their assistance and extinguished the fire at their residence; also all who rendered such kind and sympathetic assistance in the fatal accident to their little daughter, especially Dr. Wallace, Messrs. McGuckin, G. Nolan, J. M. Bruce, Nurse Hines, Rosewood, Dr. Harris and the two nurses at the Ipswich Hospital. They also desire to THANK their many friends for their expressions of condolence, wreaths, floral tokens, cards, calls, &c., in their sad bereavement.
APA citation Family Notices (1923, August 25). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld.: 1909 – 1954), p. 8 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 19, 2019, from

There are a number of notices published between 1919 and 1923 that mention either Nurse Hines or St Florence Hospital. In 1924, evidence seems to show the Stubbs family have returned to St Kilda Private Hospital, but maybe in 1925 when the Eder birth notice was published, it was still known as St Florence’s or Nurse Hines had moved premises yet again. Certainly, by 31 May 1925, births (Leslie Howard Stokes) were again being recorded at St Kilda with Nurse Stubbs.

EDER – On January 14, at St. Florence Hospital, Rosewood, to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eder, a son. Nurse Hines and Dr. R. Wallace in attendance. APA citation Family Notices (1925, January 17). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 2 (DAILY.). Retrieved April 20, 2019, from

In 1925 Annie Elizabeth Hines was listed in the Electoral Role living at St Florence’s Nursing Home, John St, Rosewood as a nurse as was John Joseph Hines, labourer.

In 1928, Annie Elizabeth Hines is listed in the Electoral Role living in Bostock St., Booval, occupation nurse. She was living with her son Leonard Roy Hines, cleaner railway. Later records show her living in Brisbane.

Written by Jenny Stubbs


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