The Belmont Estate

This is a collection of newspaper articles about the sale of the Belmont Estate in 1910.

We learn from the auctioneers, Messrs. E. Bostock and Son, and John Pender, that many inquiries have made for allotments in this estate, which are to be offered by auction on the ground at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday next. This estate, which is well known was the home of Mr. S. Waight (one of the earliest pioneers in Rosewood) is situated between the main Ashwell-road and Marburg-road, and many a passer-by has expressed regret that the gentle well-drained slope upon which it is situated was not selected as the site for the original township. This is not an estate out of which the eyes have been picked by private sales, but the allotments are being offered to the public as they come, and each has a frontage to a main road. [Queensland Times Thursday 22 September, 1910, page 6]

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The sale of the above-named estate took place on Saturday last, and was looked upon as the most successful sale that has ever taken place at Rosewood. The auctioneers, Messrs. E. Bostock and Sons, and John Pender, submitted 25 allotments approximately a quarter of an acre in each area with frontages to the Marburg and Ashwell-Lanefield-roads, forming the first subdivision of the estate which was so long known as the home of Mr. S. Waight, one of the oldest and most esteemed residents of the district. Mr. H. A. Bostock wielded the hammer. The attendance was stated to be the largest ever seen at a land sale in the township, and the bidding was spirited. The main corner allotment fell to the bid of Mr. Ernest Bulcock, of Bulcock Bros., Merchants, Rosewood after keen competition at £56, and he also secured the adjoining five allotments. Mr. Bulcock received hearty applause for his purchase. Amongst the buyers of the other allotments were several prominent business men of the township, and leading residents of the district. Every lot submitted was sold, and the total amount realised was £675 10s, or an average of £27 each. 

The following are the details of the sale :
Allotments 1 and 2, Mr. A. Teves, £19 each
Allotments  3 and 4, Mr. J. G. Watkins, £19 10s each
Allotments 5 and 6, Mr. P. H. Adams, £20 10s each
Allotments 8 and 9, Mr. B. Coveney, £23 10s each
Allotments 10 and 11, Mr. A. B. Yates, £12 each
Allotments 15 and 13, Mr. J. F. Hall, £23 each
Allotments 15 (£35); 16, 17, and 18 (£10 each) and19 (£56), Mr. E. Bullock
Allotment 20, Mr. B. Coveney, £27
Allotments 21 and 22, Mr. A. B. Yates, £24 each
Allotments 23, Mr. R. Ahern, £23 10s
Allotments 24 and 25, Mr. B. Coveney, £28 each
Allotments 26 and 27, Mr. J. G. Watkins, £26 each
[Queensland Times, Monday 26 September, 1910, page 6]


(At a meeting of the Rosewood Shire Council 20th October, 1910)
From the Belmont Estate Company asking for approval of the plan of the roads in the Belmont Estate near Rosewood. It was stated that it was proposed to name the streets after the sitting councillors. (Laughter) The Chairman (Cr J. Yates): If you call a street after me you ought to give me an allotment. (Laughter) The plans were approved of. Mr. John Pender who was present on behalf of the Belmont Estate syndicate thanked the council for their consideration in the matter.

In connection with the continuation of Albert-street, in the Belmont Estate, Cr. Dutney moved that the council write to the persons affected, asking what prices they put upon the land that would required for resumption purposes. Cr. Just seconded the motion, which was carried. This concluded the business. [Queensland Times Saturday 22 October, 1910, page 6]


BELMONT ESTATE, ROSEWOOD The auctioneers, F. Bostock and Sons and John Pender acting in conjunction desire to draw special attention to the sale of the second subdivision of this estate to take place on the ground at 1 p.m., on Saturday, the 12th  proximo, immediately after the clearing-out sale of the Belmont dairy herd and effects. This property was long known us the home of Mr. Samuel Waight, one of the pioneers in the Rosewood district, and the auctioneers claim that it is the choicest estate ect offered in lots in the Rosewood district. Rather than allow the eyes of the estate to be picked out, the vendors have refused offers for the private purchase of various lots, preferring that each lot, in its turn, should be offered publicly. The allotments are high and dry, well drained with soil well suited for building. It will be remembered that there was very keen competition for the first subdivision of this estate, the average price realised being £27 per quarter acre block far in excess of the vendor’s reserves. The sale on the 12th proximo will include excellent frontages to John-street, the main Marburg Minden and Tallegalla Road, the much talked of Albert-street extension, and several new streets. Many of the visitors at the gathering on Saturday last referred in glowing terms to the delightful views obtained from these frontages.
[Queensland Times Saturday 29 October, 1910, page 14]


“BEAUTIFUL BELMONT” On Saturday next, the 12th instant, at 1 p.m., Messrs. E. Bostock and Sons, auctioneers, Ipswich, in conjunction with Mr. John Pender, Rosewood, will submit by auction the second subdivision of the Belmont Estate, Rosewood. A keen interest has been taken in this estate on account of the prices realised at the sale of the first subdivision, and it is anticipated that there will be an even larger attendance on Saturday next. As has been repeatedly pointed out, this estate lies on a gentle slope overlooking and between the coal mines. It fronts John-street, the main street, and the nearest part is within 40 chains of the Rosewood railway station. Other frontages include the Albert-street extension, the main Marburg, Minden, and Tallegalla road, and several new streets. From almost every allotment a beautiful panoramic view can be had of the Bremer Valley, Western Creek Valley, and Ashwell and Lanefield, right away to the ranges on each side. Wherever possible the subdivisions have been cut by Mr. Bostock, the surveyor, to front the township. In order to give everyone a chance to buy, the reserves have been kept low, even as low as £5, as the vendors desire is to throw the property open for settlement. Lithographs may be had on application. At 11 o’clock Mr. John Pender is to dispose of the Belmont dairy herd, farming implements, &c., which must be cleared on account of the subdivision of the estate, and at the conclusion of this sale, a light lunch will he provided for the convenience of patrons.
[Queensland Times Saturday 5 November, 1910, page 14]


BELMONT ESTATE  E. Bostock and Sons, in conjunction with Mr. John Pender, of Rosewood, report a very satisfactory sale of the first part of the second subdivision of the Belmont Estate, on the ground, Rosewood, on Saturday last. The rain which continued until 8 a.m. on that day and the consequent heavy state of the roads prevented many prospective buyers outside the town from being present, but, not withstanding this there was a very fair attendance and spirited competition for several of the lots. Each lot submitted was sold. The sections submitted consisted of frontages to John-street, the proposed Albert-street extension. Just, Belmont, and Yates Streets. In all 10 allotments were sold for a total of £696, averaging £17 10s per lot. The balance of the second subdivision will now remain open for private sale. The unsold portion includes Belmont House and some excellent frontages to the main Minden, Tallegalla, and Marburg Roads. The auctioneers advise those who were unable to attend on Saturday last to communicate with them at once, as negotiations are now pending for the private disposal of several lots, and sales are likely to be effected at any moment. The auctioneers would like to state, in reply to questions asked after the sale, that none of the allotments sold or for sale are within the Rosewood-Marburg railway district. 

The following are particulars of the sales:–
Allotments 29 and 30, W. H. Riley; £27 each,
Allotment 31, J. Evers; £27.
Allotment 32, A. Schonknecht; £27 10s.
Allotment 33, W. H. Riley ; £35.
Allotments 34 and 35, W. Staats; £24 each.
Allotments 36 and 37, F. Heiner; £23 10s each.
Allotments 38 and 39, A. Zeschke; £22 l0s each.
Allotment 40, J. F. F. Hall; £15.
Allotment. 41,  A. Steele; £12 10s.
Allotment 42,  A. Schonknecht; £14 10s.
Allotment 43, J. Evers; £12 I5s.
Allotments 44 and 45; H. Steele; £11 15s each.
Allotments 46 and 47, W. Potts; £20 each.
Allotment 53, B. Coveney; £15.
Allotments 54 and 55, P. H Adams; £15 each.
Allotments 56 and 57, A. B. Yates; £14 each.
Allotments 58 and 59, H. P. Ogg; £15 each.
Allotments 60 and 61, P. H. Adams ; £11 l0s each.
Allotments 62 and 63, 1R. Embrey, sen.; £11 each.
Allotments 64 and 65, A. C. L. Teves; £13 each.
Allotments 66, 67, and 68, G. H. Dutney ;. £15 each.
Allotments 82, 83, and 84, J. K. Just ; £80.
Allotments 90, 91, 92, and 93 J. K. Just; £48.
[Queensland Times Monday 14 November, 1910, page 6]


Contractor Ridsdale has just completed a very comfortable residence for Mr. J. Evers. It occupies a nice site on the Belmont Estate. [Queensland Times Wednesday 11 October 1911, page 2]

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