Ross’s Bakery

Another bakery business in the town was owned and run by my grandfather, Hector Ross with his wife Catherine (Kate) Ross (nee Coveney). Hector worked first for Evers bakery in the early 1920’s then later started his own business. Whilst Rosewood was their home base, they moved to several different country towns over the years (Caboolture, Mundubbera, Howard, Pittsworth), building up bakery businesses then selling them, returning from time to time to a bakery in Rosewood then finally settling back permanently late in the 1930’s. Ross’s bakery was at the top of the town, near the Ambulance, but we believe they retained a shop down in the town and took the bread down each day to sell. The bakery was sold in the early 1950’s but Hector and Catherine remained in Rosewood in their retirement. Hector died in 1954. Catherine continued to live in Rosewood for many years, moving to a nursing home in Ipswich a couple of years before her death in 1971.

Contributed by Mary Ross


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