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Rosewood Citizens’ Band

Rosewood Band playing at the Rosewood Show 1930’s. The conductor is speaking with Alf Boughen. (photo courtesy Kay Trevis)

The first mention of the Rosewood Citizens Band was 9 July, 1927 when a meeting of members and supporters was held at the School of Arts. The appointment of a conductor was discussed. Mr Boughen offered the use of his picture show for practice. The meeting discussed purchase of instruments and to interview those men in possession of their own instruments and see how many may be available. Link to article.

The band’s debut was held at the Majestic Theatre on Sunday afternoon 2 October, 1927.

Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 – 1933), Thursday 2 August 1928, page 17
Band – The first annual meeting of the Rosewood Citizens’ Band was held in the School of Arts on July 13, when there was a large attendance. Mr. H. M. A. Grant (president) presided. The balance sheet presented by Mr. W. M’Geary (treasurer) showed that the 18 instruments purchased from Palings had been fully paid for, though three years had been the time set out in the agreement. In addition to this payment, £120/4/5, conductor’s fees amounting to £72, and other various incidentals, a credit balance remained of £16/3/6. The secretary (Mr. A. G. Boughen) reported that there were 18 band and 10 privately-owned instruments. Since the formation of the band 12 months ago two engagements had been made for local functions, two concerts given, and programmes rendered at other places. The election of officers resulted as follows:-President, Mr. H. M. A. Grant (re-elected); secretary, Mr. A. G. Boughen (re-elected); treasurer, Mr. W. M’Geary (re-elected); vice-presidents, Messrs M’Quicken and Elchstadt; committee, Messrs. Embrey, Hohke, Blake, Claydon, Zillman, M’Quicken, C. Teaves: auditor, Mr. A. J. Loveday; deputy conductors, Mr. W. Claydon (1st) and Mr. C.Teves (2nd). Mr. J. Roache was appointed to the vacant trusteeship. An honorarium was voted to the secretary (Mr. A. G. Boughen). The matter of building a band-room for practice, or a rotunda, was deferred for further consideration. Messrs. J. Wright and G. Claydon secured medals donated by Mr. Cook (Paling’s Ltd.) for the most regular attendances at practice, and Mr. Walter Embrey and Master Colin Freeman trophies for the most improvement during the year.

Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Thursday 28 November 1929, page 11
ROSEWOOD DISTRICT ROSEWOOD Wednesday. Band Concert – A concert, organised by members of the Rosewood Citizens’ Band, was held in the Majestic Theatre. Rosewood, on Friday night. There was a good attendance and the programme was enjoyable. The vocalists were Misses Girlie Roache and Athens Morton, Mr. W. Snow, and Master W. Snow. Mrs. Sweeney (violinist) played several items and an instrumental trio was given by Mrs. Sweeney (violin), Miss Jean Loveday (piano). and Mr. W. Clark (cornet). An instrumental duet was given by Messrs. Clark Brothers, and Mr. Anderson (Ipswich) gave a selection on the bagpipes. The band also gave several numbers.

Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Wednesday 22 July 1931, page 12
ROSEWOOD. A Tuesday. Band’s Annual Meeting.-The annual meeting of the Rosewood Citizens’ Band was held in the School of Arts last night, when there were present: Messrs. H. M. A. Grant (President), W. McGeary, C. Teves, G. Claydon, W. Haslingden, C. Mc Guckin, G. Embrey, A. Blake, H. Boughen, C. Freeman, E. Blake. A. G. Boughen (Secretary), and F. Bowers (conductor). The President emphasised the need for members practising. He hoped in the coming year members would do their best for the band and themselves. In his report the President stated that when the band was formed four years ago many prophesied that it would not last a year; but the band was not flourishing. There are several reasons, the principal being lack of enthusiasm on the part of many playing members; but some loyal members never missed a practice without some good reason. Frequently the progress of the band was judged by the standard set up by irregular attenders. It was heartbreaking to the conductor to “grind over the same piece of music week after week, with little or no improvement, because of want of practice by members.” With the addition of a bass player to give balance, a big improvement would be noticeable in a very short time, if there were full attendances at practices. Mr. W. R. Clark. who conducted the band for two and a half years, had left for Lismore. Mr. F. Bowers took his place. He thanked the people who assisted the band during the year, especially Mr. and Mrs. Henry Embrey. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Freeman, and Mr. George Wyatte, for conducting socials at their residences, also the A. and H. Association, and the St. Patrick’s Day Sports Committee for their consideration in engaging the band for functions. He thanked the ladies who assisted so splendidly with refreshments and sweets at all socials, and the Secretary (Mr. Alf. Boughen), the Conductor (Mr. Bowers). Treasurer (Mr. W. McGeary). and members of the committee.

The following officers were appointed for the coming year – Patron, Mr. E. B. Maher. M.L.A.; President, Mr. H. M. A. Grant: Vice-Presidents. Messrs. F: Gunthorpe, V. L. Zillman. and F. Yarrow; Treaurer, Mr. W. McGeary; Secretary, Mr. A. G. Boughen; committee, Messrs. A. Blake, J. Wright, G. Claydon, G. Embrey, C. Teves, C. Freeman, and H. Boughen; librarian. Mr. G. Embrey.

Efforts are to be made to get new players for the band, especially a bass player. Mr. A. Blake stated that he intended to organise a concert in aid of the band.

26 September 1941 – A concert to assist the Rosewood Citizens’ Band and the Ipswich Ambulance Brigade was held at the Majestic Theatre. Link to article.

Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Monday 5 April 1943, page 2
ROSEWOOD CITIZENS’ BAND. Recently the Rosewood Band was re-formed by Mr. Tom Woods, who has since paid the supreme sacrifice in New Guinea. As a token of respect to his memory members of the band intend to strive hard to become a musical asset to the Rosewood district. At a recent practice Mr. Jack Butt was elected Bandmaster. Mr. Butt is well-known in the district. He was originally trained by Mr. H. J. Harper. of Ipswich, and has played in the Ipswich Model Band and various other bands in Queensland during the past 20 years. In that time he has won many championships. Expressing thanks for his election as Bandmaster, Mr. Butt said that as he was a close personal friend of the late Tom Woods. it would give him great pleasure to train the young players of Rosewood to help carry on the good work which the late Mr. Woods had started. The band needed two new instruments and he felt sure that as soon as they gave a concert they would secure public support for this purpose. It is the band’s intention to play the late Tom Woods’ favourite hymn, “Bradford.” on Anzac Day.

Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Monday 16 October 1944, page 2
Rosewood Band at Mental Hospital – Yesterday afternoon the Rose Wood Citizens’ Band visited the Ipswich Mental Hospital and entertained the patients with a programme of marches, selections, and hymns. A euphonium solo, “The Old Rustic Bridge,” was played by Mr. G. Embrey, accompanied by the band. After the playing of “God Save the King” the band was invited to afternoon tea by the matron and staff. Head attendant Keidge thanked the band for its visit and its excellent performance. The Band Secretary (Mr. Collins) thanked the matron and staff, also Mr. Keidge. He hoped the band would be able to visit the hospital again before Christmas, as it was trying to make an appearance at all charity Institutions in Ipswich and West Moreton. The band had started with 28 members with old brass instruments and members who hardly knew a note of music. With 12 months’ hard work and practice the bandsmen had collected enough funds to set the band up with silver-plated instruments. With a little more coaching this band should be able to take its place in a D-grade contest. As these players were all miners from Rosewood it was becoming known as the “musical miners.”


27 April 1948 – Rosewood Citizens Band visited Laidley District Hospital and gave a programme to a large audience on the lawn. Link to article.

11 Apr 1951 – Rosewood Carnival Preparations – At a meeting of the Jubilee Celebrations Committee preparing for a forthcoming sports and carnival, the Rosewood Citizens Band advised that its members had decided to re-form and play for the Jubilee Celebrations. Link to article. A later article in June refers to the 1951 Jubilee show with the band invited to supply music on the Friday night and Saturday.

In May of 1951, the band played items during the afternoon of St Luke’s Church of England annual lawn party. Link to article.

14 June 1951 – A new superintendent Mr L. Coleman, was appointed to the Rosewood Ambulance Centre. The official opening was planned for June 23. Various public bodies at the meeting discussed what form of function would be held to open the Rosewood Ambulance Centre. The Rosewood Citizens band will be asked to supply music for the official opening. A portion of John Street from William Street to Church Lane would be closed to traffic from 1 to 4pm.  It was decided to conduct a jumble stall and ask the women’s organisations of the town to conduct a stall and serve refreshments. Link to article.  

By the AGM Jul 1952 the band, reported that all instruments were in good order and there were five spare. They were anxious to obtain new members. They decided to practice at St Luke’s Hall each Wednesday night. Link to article.

Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Tuesday 19 May 1953, page 4
ROSEWOOD -BAND TO FUNCTION AGAIN ROSEWOOD, May 17. At a special meeting of the Rosewood Citizens’ Band, presided over by Mr. H. M. A Grant, it was unanimously agreed by the 15 members present to re-form the band. Members decided to play for the Coronation Committee on June 2, and the A. and. H. Association at the annual show. Practice nights are to be Mondays and Wednesdays with marching practice on Sunday morning. Mr. Mr. E. Dutton (Ipswich) offered to assist as much as possible and trusted that the band would continue to function. Mr. Dutton said that Rosewood had some very good players, and appealed to members to rally around the bandmaster, Mr. G. Embrey. Mr. Grant thanked. Mr. Dutton for his offer of assistance, also Messrs. G. Yarrow and A. Smith.

21 Apr 1954 – Plans were underway to celebrate the Coronation. It was decided to hold a procession to the showground where a sports programme was to be held Tuesday 2 June. The Rosewood Citizens Band was asked to participate in the procession. The Farmers’ Hall was then to be used for a Coronation Dance with profits going to the ambulance. Link to article.

In Nov 1954 the band was playing at the Guy Fawkes Carnival. A parade by Scouts, Guides, Cubs, and Brownies left Sellars’ Corner at 7 p.m. led by the Rosewood Citizens’ Band. Lanterns and flares made an attractive spectacle as the parade moved down Rosewood’s main street. Guys were judged by Rev. Edward Hunt, of St. Luke’s Church of England, and the prize for the best was won by the Girl Guides. After judging, the guys were placed on a huge bonfire, which was lit by the Scouts. The children provided entertainment with their fireworks during the first hour and the band played a number of items. Link to article.

Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Friday 10 December 1954, page 4
ROSEWOOD CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT ROSEWOOD, Dec. 8. – The grounds of the Congregational Church were illuminated by a large number of candles as carols were sung to accompaniments played by Miss Shirley Whyatte (Pianist and the Rosewood Citizens’ Band. The chairman was Pastor L. W. Vincent, of the Blackstone-Raceview group of churches. After the National Anthem, Mr. Vincent asked everyone to light the candles, and the audience joined in singing well known Christmas carols. The programme also included solos by Mrs. Mullen, Shirley Whyatte, Mrs. Perren, and Mr. W. Buys, and instrumental items by Mr. C. Horne and S. Krause. Additional items were played by the band. At the close of the evening, the church Secretary (Mr. J. Rea) thanked all who had helped to make the function a success.

The band continued playing into the 1950’s when it disbanded in about 1958. Robin Stubbs is one member mentioned in the list of band members from the mid-late 1950’s. Exact year is unknown. He ended up playing the trombone and when the band stopped, he and others from Rosewood joined the Ipswich Model Band. He was a member of the Rosewood Citizens Band from about 1957 – 1958.

Rosewood Citizens Band

Conductor Bert Lawrence

  • George Embrey – Euphonium
  • Ron Embrey – Baritone
  • Robert Embrey – Cornet
  • Gordon Embrey – Trombone
  • Joe Wright – Drums
  • Kerry Wright – Side Drums
  • Gary Lawrence – Trumpet
  • Bert Lawrence – Soprano Cornet
  • Ray Lack – Bass E Flat
  • Merv Lack – Bass B Flat
  • Sam Forrester – Cornet
  • Len Keates – Tenor Horn
  • Vic Krause – Baritone
  • Colin Freeman – Cornet (According to Bob Krause, he was a very good player and also played in a dance band)
  • Peter Freeman – Cornet (According to Bob Krause, he later joined the RAAF Band)
  • Doug Freeman – Tenor Horn
  • Robin Stubbs – Tenor Horn

The above list was found as a handwritten list in the Stubbs family records. We assume it was from the mid-late 1950’s.

An interview with Bob Krause and additonal information from Gloria Hill added the following information.

  • Bob Krause – Cornet (possibly 1953-54)
  • Joe Potts – Cornet
  • Evan Bond
  • Brian Holznagel – Trumpet (owned by family) (According to Bob Krause, he was a very good player)
  • Bill Holznagel – Cornet (owned by family) (According to Bob Krause, he was a very good player)
  • Albert Holznagel – Cornet (owned by family)

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