Private Lindsay Charles Jacobs

Private Lindsay Charles Jacobs, the son of Charles Alfred Jacobs and Alice Maud Jacobs (nee Creed), was born at Rosewood in Queensland on 15th August 1895.  At the age of 20 years and 6 months he voluntarily enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force at Brisbane in Queensland on 29th February 1916 after swearing the statutory oath that he would serve for the duration of the war and an additional four months.  At the time of his enlistment he was unmarried and employed as a Butcher.  He had previously served for 4 years in Area 10B Senior Cadets.  His physical description at the time of his enlistment was that he was 5 feet 8 inches in height and weighed 130 pounds.  He had a medium complexion, brown/grey eyes and dark hair.  He stated that he was of the Church of England religion.  He gave his next of kin as his father, Mr Charles Alfred Jacobs, residing at Nambour in Queensland.

Private Lindsay Jacobs’ initial military training was conducted at the 11th Depot Battalion in the Brisbane area during the period 31st March until 2nd June 1916.  He was allocated to the 5th Reinforcements of the 49th Infantry Battalion and allotted the regimental number of 2451 on 26th August 1916.  He embarked for overseas service in the Australian Imperial Force on His Majesty’s Australian Transport A49 “Seang Choon” from the port of Brisbane in Queensland on 19th September 1916.

Private Lindsay Jacobs disembarked from the ship at Plymouth in England on 9th December 1916 and he was admitted to the Devonport Hospital later that day.  He was discharged from hospital on 3rd January 1917 and sent to No. 2 Command Depot for medical assessment.  A Medical Board held at No. 1 Command Depot at Perham Downs on 23rd January 1917 recommended that he be returned to Australia and discharged on medical grounds.  After his discharge from hospital he joined No. 2 Command Depot at Weymouth on 25th January 1917.

Private Lindsay Jacobs was invalided back to Australia suffering from synovitis of his right knee on the hospital ship “Beltana” that left Plymouth in England on 17th March 1917.  He disembarked from the ship at Melbourne in Victoria on 12th May 1917 and then proceeded overland by rail transport to Brisbane.  He was discharged as medically unfit for general and home service in the Australian Imperial Force at No. 1 Military District Headquarters in Brisbane on 27th June 1917.  For his service during World War 1, he was awarded the British War Medal only.  His name is commemorated locally on the Rosewood Honour Board, the Rosewood Congregational Church Honour Board and the St Luke’s Rosewood Church Honour Board.

Lindsay Jacob’s brother, Roy Allister Jacobs (57866), also joined the Australian Imperial Force and served as a Private with the 5th Queensland Reinforcements.

Lindsay Jacobs and six other soldiers were accorded a farewell and presentation by the Rosewood District Volunteer Fund.  The following newspaper report gives details of the function:

Lindsay Jacobs and three other Rosewood soldiers were accorded a welcome home and presentation of a gold medal after returning to Australia.  The following newspaper report gives details of the function:

Author: Edwin Habben O.A.M.  R.F.D. 


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